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A Global Leader in Telecommunications, Media & Technology

At AT&T, we’re bringing it all together. We deliver advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions for people and businesses. That’s why we’re investing to be the premier integrated communications company.


To connect people with their world everywhere they live, work and play – and do it better than anyone else.

Key Facts


Largest communications company in the world1


2016 consolidated revenues


Capital investments in last five years2


Consecutive increases in quarterly dividend


AT&T wireless customers in U.S. and Mexico


Linear pay TV connections (including SKY Mexico)


Internet connections in service


Business customers served

1 by revenues | 2 Includes capital investments in our wireless and wireline networks and acquisitions of wireless spectrum and operations from 2012 to 2016.

Our Operating Segments

The Business Solutions segment provides communications services to business customers, and individual subscribers who purchase wireless services through employer-sponsored plans. AT&T's wireless and wired networks provide complete communications solutions.

$71B Revenues in 2016

AT&T’s Entertainment Group provides video, internet, voice communication, and interactive and targeted advertising services to customers in the United States. These services are delivered using our satellite technology and IP-based wired network.

$51B Revenues in 2016

The Consumer Mobility segment provides nationwide wireless service to consumer and wholesale subscribers predominantly located in the United States. The Company’s wireless network powers voice and data services, including high-speed internet and video entertainment services.

$33B Revenues in 2016

The International segment includes wireless services in Mexico to consumer and business customers, and video entertainment services in Latin America using our satellite technology. AT&T is a leading provider of pay television services in Latin America and owns a 41% interest in Sky Mexico.

$7B Revenues in 2016

Our Strategy

Looking ahead, our strategy is to create the best entertainment and communications experiences in the world.

Randall StephensonChairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

Deliver an effortless customer experience

Deliver an effortless customer experience

This underpins everything we do. When we design products, processes or a user experience, we strive to build “effortless” into every touch point. Whether a customer is searching for a product, viewing content, interacting with customer care or having service installed – it must be simple, seamless and effortless. To make effortless a competitive advantage requires continuous investment and improvement. We made a lot of progress in 2016 with substantial investments to integrate the DIRECTV experience, from billing to customer care and provisioning. We still have a long way to go, but you can rest assured that significant capital has been allocated to this critical strategic priority.

Lead in connectivity and integrated solutions

Lead in connectivity and integrated solutions

It all begins with connectivity. Premier network assets are the foundation for delivering the integrated mobile, video and data solutions our customers want. Today, every time our customers access their content, we use one or all of the following technologies to connect them – wireless LTE, Wi-Fi, satellite, IP networks and fiber optics. But our customers should neither know nor care about any of this. Our job is simply to deliver seamless connectivity to every device and sensor in their office, car, home – you name it – and make sure it is fast, highly secure and reliable.

We continue to invest heavily to make this possible. As a result, today we can offer:

  • Ubiquitous, mobile, fast and highly secure connectivity to more than 400 million people and businesses in the United States and Mexico – a seamless, cross-border North American network that’s unique in the marketplace.
  • An ultra-fast 100% fiber network marketed to more than 5 million consumer locations across 53 metros nationwide.
  • High-speed fiber connections to more than 1.2 million U.S. business locations.
  • Global IP network services that connect businesses on 6 continents representing 99% of the world’s economy.
  • High-speed internet connections to more than 60 million U.S. customer locations.
  • Highly efficient satellites capable of delivering HD and Ultra-HD video covering nearly everyone in the United States and Latin America.

Produce and assemble world-class entertainment

Produce and assemble world-class entertainment

Great content wins every time. And that’s what we’re all about delivering – wherever, whenever and however customers want it. Increasingly, they want it on their mobile screens. DIRECTV gave us the scale in content relationships that we needed to assemble the entertainment for our new DIRECTV NOW video streaming service. Our Otter Media joint venture with The Chernin Group is creating and assembling some of the best digital, short-form content around. And Time Warner will make us a global leader in producing and assembling world-class, premium content. By owning great content, we can build truly differentiated entertainment services, whether it’s traditional TV, mobile or over-the-top.

Serve our customers globally

Serve our customers globally

Our customers are global and so are we. That’s why we continue to invest to ensure that we can provide integrated solutions that connect people and businesses around the world. We are a leader in transforming our network from hardware- to software-centric. This software-defined network makes it easier for us to offer our products globally. Our global focus is why we’re the leader in serving multinational businesses.

Time Warner will also enhance our global capabilities with rich content offerings throughout the world. Combined with our global presence, we expect significant synergies in our Latin American mobility and TV businesses.

Operate with an industry-leading cost structure

Operate with an industry-leading cost structure

We’re focused on building a modern network architecture that will provide the highest efficiency and productivity in the industry. To make that happen, we’re moving forward on a number of fronts. The biggest by far is our software-centric network transformation, which will allow us to deliver the most network traffic at the lowest marginal cost in the industry. Additionally, we’re streamlining operations, simplifying offers, getting the best prices from our supply chain, automating customer self-service and making more interactions digital to reduce the time it takes to provide service. And that’s on top of the $2.5 billion in annual synergies we anticipate by the end of 2018 from the integration of DIRECTV. That includes taking advantage of our scale to achieve the industry’s best video content costs, as well as efficiencies from streamlining installation and customer care. In 2015, we largely eliminated subsidized mobile handsets and, as a result, achieved record EBITDA service margins in our mobility business in 2016.

Equip our people for the future

Equip our people for the future

AT&T received a lot of news media attention in 2016 for the progress we’re making in equipping our people with the right skills for the future.

We are proud of our employees for their clear commitment to adapt to a fast-changing world where capabilities must constantly be refreshed. As the pace of technological change accelerates, our people are adapting as never before. We’re using innovative training and building profiles of future job requirements to help our employees pivot their skills from hardware to software, from legacy wireline to mobile and entertainment, and from data recorders to data scientists.

Looking Ahead

2017 will be a year unlike any other for AT&T. Our pending Time Warner transaction will make us a global leader in the converging Telecommunications, Media and Technology industry.

The combination of our scaled distribution with Time Warner’s scaled content creation will allow us to drive a level of competition, innovation and consumer choice never seen before.

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  • 147M Mobile subscribers
  • Global
  • ~47M
    Video subs2
  • Fortune
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    BB subs
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    BB locations
  • ~3.5M
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1. Upon Time Warner merger closing | 2. Includes Sky Mexico


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